Monday, April 03, 2006

23rd and some fodder...

Yesterday, Kev & I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. 23 years. Sure doesn't seem as long as that sounds. We didn't do anything special at all... The kids and I made a trip into town to get a few things, like new soccer gear for Joycie, and Kev did more log cutting & splitting at home while we were gone. I brought home a bunch of Chinese take-out. Kev said while he was out cutting, he thought to himself that he should have told me to bring home Chinese. That's what compatibility and 23 years will get ya. I love that man.

As happy as I was yesterday, as the evening wore on, I found myself getting more and more unsettled. Not really anxious, just tense. I have slept like a baby all this past week, but last night I watched the clock until close to 4:00am. Gee, I wonder why, what could that mean??? Shit.

So here I am back at work, and what's the first thing I do? Ummm... post a blog entry. Shit again. And yikes. Coz I have a ton of work today. Quarter close. Again.

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