Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

This was the first Easter morning since the kids were little that they didn't wake up to an Easter basket. Seems kind of strange, but it was also nice sleeping in until 9am. Kev left for work before 7am, and he's not home yet... when he gets home, I do have a little something to give Joycie & Sam in their Easter baskets.

This year, in lieu of a bunch of candy, Sam got new rollerblades and Joycie got yet another Sims game. Sammy wanted me to hide his blades, like they were an Easter basket. So I made a bunch of clues, 16 in all, and sent him all over the house, all 3 levels, outside, and out to the pole barn. He spent a good hour trying to discover where I hid his blades. I think the funniest one was the clue "the O of H2O + what RedWings play = where your next clue is"... Sammy even tried to get Joycie's help and then called his Dad at work to get his help. He finally figured it out.

The 3 of us went over to Sam's school, and Joycie and Sam rollerbladed around the school on the walking track. I walked, and I talked to my friend, Sandy, on the cell. It was windy when we got there, and just seemed to get more and more windy. Got to the point where it was too windy to talk on the cell. Sam went around the track 6 times, which is equivalent to 3 miles. He had fun, and he likes his new blades.

When we got back home, Sammy and I took a walk a little ways into the woods and gathered some stuff to make a terrarium. We couldn't find a glass cover or plate that would fit the top of the bowl, so we ended up putting Saran wrap on it for now. It turned out quite pretty, and it's already fogging up inside.

My niece, Michelle, stopped by on her way back to college while we were making the terrarium. We had a nice visit. I took 3 photos of her, and they all turned out blurry. I have trouble taking photos wearing my glasses, but then sometimes the photos I take don't turn out well. Wish I could wear contacts.

Kev will be home in about a half hour or so. I've promised the kids I'll make Belgian waffles, so I'd better go heat up the waffle iron...

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  1. Hey there Aunt Julie! It was nice to be able to spend a lil' time with you guys this afternoon...hope the waffles were yummy :) Tell Uncle Kevin and the kids I said "Hi". Have a good week!