Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mission Organization: Success

We finally finished the library, and it looks nice.

As with almost all our cleaning/organizing projects, we ended up with a bunch of stuff that had to be hauled down to the basement. Like the old end table and lamp that was in Sam's room before we got him his big comfy chair and rearranged his room, and the old puppet show stage and puppets we made a long time ago, a plastic bin organizer that came out of Joycie's room about 2 years ago and was stuck in the corner of the library collecting odds and ends for no reason... Our basement is semi-finished and isn't meant to be one big storage facility, but I'm such a packrat that I can't seem to toss perfectly good stuff (that no one else would want).

We boxed up 23 boxes of books out of the bookshelves to make room for all those that we put in there. I was going to take those boxes down into the basement (well, have the kids take them anyway), but then I had a great idea... in the bathroom upstairs, which is right next to the library, there is a lot of unused space. It's a long, narrow bathroom. It is as wide as the tub is long, and the tub & shower surround is at the very end of the room. There's nothing along the left wall, and the toilet, sink and cupboards are all in row along the right wall, with the toilet right next to the tub. The door opens in and to the right. Behind the door is empty space. We fit all 23 boxes there, with room for more. I'm going to pick up a tension rod and a curtain to hang in front of the boxes to hide them nicely. I thought this was a stroke of genius. Hauling those heavy boxes down 2 flights of stairs was not an enjoyable prospect. Then trying to fit them somewhere in the basement would be more than a challenge. And then, at some point in the hopefully not too distant future, when my additional book shelves are finished, having to haul those 23 boxes, plus the many, many books and boxes of books I already have down in the basement, back up 2 flights of stairs... well, it's nice to avoid all that.

Anyway, the library once again looks like someplace I would want to sit down and relax with a good book.

At some point, I am really, truly going to have to tackle the basement, including my craft room, which I've been "planning" to organize since, oh, something like a year ago. My to do list is long (and dusty).

I wish I could be more like Kevin... his to do list is constantly changing, because he keeps getting stuff done. He's a worker, that man. Yesterday when I was posting about the septic tank, Sammy got to come inside and rest while Kev was busy with the septic guys. Kevin had been outside working all day, and he had Sammy out there with him. They raked out some gardens and lawn areas, picked up branches and sticks, other jobs involving dirt and grime. Kev let Sammy have plenty of breaks throughout the day (while Kev has to be hollered at sometimes to break for lunch). Sam was so dirty, he knew he couldn't put his butt on the furniture, so he decided to lay on the floor and read. I took this shot of him without him knowing, and then he said why do you want a picture of my dirty feet??? I don't know... but he's cute, ain't he. His poor legs... some of those spots & marks are truly dirt, but some are bruises, and then he has a bunch of mosquito bites from baseball practice the other night.

Mom called me earlier this morning to let me know our Easter Sunday church service and potluck plans are nixed. Quite a few of the folks there are ill, one guy is in the hospital with pneumonia or a bad sinus infection or something (he's old), and anyway, the church has cancelled the potluck due to so many of the congregation being ill. Service is still going on, but Mom and Dad don't want to go and risk getting sick. Dad's having knee replacement surgery on Monday morning, and either one of them getting sick would really suck right now. Especially Dad, since he's having the surgery, but Mom needs to be well to take care of Dad and not give it to him while he's recuperating. Mama has enough trouble with colds & 'flu and allergies, spending time in a small building with a bunch of sick people is not worth the risk. I'm disappointed, because I was looking forward to seeing inside of this old church, and I know Mom is disappointed, too, because she was looking forward to having 2 of her grandchildren and her heathen daughter attend Easter services with her & Dad. Maybe Christmas services...

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