Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Favorite things of mine

I left work early today (ok, that's one favorite thing to do), and I went and got my hair cut. I've been going to the same person for years and years. Quite some time ago she opened her own salon; her name is Niki & she has an Aveda salon. It's a wonderful place. When I arrive, Niki puts a cape on me and takes me back for a shampoo. First though, she lets me smell of 3 different essential oils. I chose the Blue Oil, and she put some on my head and massaged it in. Heaven. Then she rinsed my hair and used a Rosemary Mint shampoo, and that felt so good. Then she rinsed again and used the Rosemary Mint conditioner. Then she wrapped my head in a very warm damp towel. While I sat there, feeling wonderful, she took some Aveda hand cream and rubbed it into my forearms and hands, one at a time and giving me a hand massage. If you have never had a hand massage, you are truly missing out. Then she removed the towel and rinsed the conditioner out. The mint was wonderfully tingly cool on my head. Ahhh... I love getting my hair cut at Niki's salon. It's definitely one of my favorite things.

And since Joycie left to go into town to get a sprayed-on tan, return pop cans for cash and go to her violin lesson, and since Kevin and Sammy are gone to Sam's baseball practice, I'm home alone. Being home alone is yet another favorite thing. The windows are wide open and it smells so good in here. I love having the windows open, especially on days like this... one of the first days to throw the windows wide open after the cold days of winter. Another favorite.

I spent some time on the porch with a pair of binoculars and my birdsongs player, trying to call in some Mourning Doves. I heard one answer me. I've always loved the song of Mourning Doves.

Then I came inside & I've been unloading pictures off my camera and enjoying slide shows, and listening to my recent playlist of favorites.

And as I type, every once in a while, I get a whiff of my hair and it smells really good!

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