Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Spring officially arrives in about 10 days. You could tell today... I checked the outside temp around 1pm and it was (73 I wish! that was a typo...) 53 warm, sunny degrees. You can also tell Spring’s coming by driving down our dirt road & our driveway.

The bird feeders were hopping this afternoon, so I decided to sit in the sun with my camera. N.C. and Frankie were snoozing on the steps again, and they were so adorable I ended up watching them instead of the birds.

I saw so many squirrels out today, and I saw 2 black ones high up in the trees. This little guy was snacking on the deck rail. He let me get quite close to him, which surprised me because he had started to eat his snack on the deck rail in the sunshine and another squirrel chased him off the railing onto the snow-covered deck, so he ended up in a shady part of the deck.

You can see the reflection of our house in his eyes. He was a messy eater and left a bunch of crumbs behind when he finally vamoosed.

Everything looked so good today in the sunshine... these red berries have been on a bare shrub all winter. They must not be edible, otherwise the birds would have devoured them already.

A number of shrubs retained their dead leaves, which are pretty against the snow, even though they’re dead.

The dwarf star magnolia tree has had hairy buds on it all winter long.

And the holly shrubs stayed beautifully green. Makes me think of Christmas, even in Summer.

The butterfly bush near the steps has kept it’s dead, gray leaves all winter. The leaves aren’t brittle, they’re more like felt.

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