Saturday, March 03, 2007

Action shots & more...

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking more photos of the birds (yes, I’m slightly obsessed with that now... it’s fungi all over again), and the chickadees provided some neat action shots.

That last bird was the comedian of the bunch... he tried so hard to hold onto that little icicle. He couldn't, though, and nearly fell... but remembered in time that he could fly.

I also got a few photos of some one-legged juncos. It was strange that I kept seeing the juncos doing this today... & only the juncos, no other type of bird. Maybe they think they're related to the flamingo...

Then later in the early evening, at dusk, I saw this critter at the base of the bird feeder, stuffing his piehole...

This opossum has been living under our porch, and I’ve surprised him a couple of times eating the cats’ food up on the porch. It is an understatement to say I am not a fan of the opossum.

They are one creepy-lookin’ critter.

Since I don’t wish to end this post with such a repulsive photo, here is a photo I took of a short row of doves who were patiently waiting in the maple tree near the feeder for the ill-mannered squirrels to stop their raucous behavior & depart so they could once again dine in peace.

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  1. Sandy8:28 PM

    That next to the last picture is VERRRRY scary! Yikes!

    I love the other pictures! They are beautiful!