Friday, March 30, 2007

Mighty Sam

Sammy and I had a great walk yesterday. I took my camera along. Every little bit of water we went by, the dogs had to check it out. Every stump we went by, Sammy had to jump up on it. I love this time of year. Also, Reilly and Barney were constantly trying to get Sammy to throw a stick for them. Mostly Reilly carried one around, and his tongue was all covered with stick bits & bark. Didn't look appetizing to me. At one point, Reilly had a long stick, probably a little over 3' in length. Sammy threw it for him... both Reilly & Barney stand there in front of Sammy, wriggling and kind of hopping, waiting for him to throw the stick, then when Sammy raises the stick up to throw it, both dogs turn around and starting racing forward... they know the stick is going to land somewhere out in front of them, so they begin racing immediately. But that long stick didn't behave the way short sticks do, and it went up real high, turning end for end, then came back down hard without going too far out. Just as Reilly turned around to look at Sam, with an expression like, "where the hell is the stick?!"... that long stick came down right on top of his head. Oh yeah, he jumped. Didn't hurt him, thank goodness. Gave Sammy a quick fright. Cracked me up.

So, back to stumps. Here's my Mighty Sam, King of the Stumps.

And the dismount...

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