Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Peepers

Kevin's front field, where he plants clover & stuff for the whitetails, has become more of a lake on this very wet early Spring.

The frogs and peepers are loving it. They are so loud.
I mean they are SO LOUD!
I used my Sony camera and recorded a little bit of it as a movie file, a .mpg, which I am totally unfamiliar with, so click on this link at your own risk (it's a little over 2,400 KB in size if that means anything to you).

It took me a long time, and I was soaking wet almost up to my knees, but I finally found a peeper I could photograph. Actually, I found 2. And now I know what they're singing about.

It really is a strange thing how that field is like a lake now. It's so different than normal. And beautiful.

And the water is covering so many areas that are usually not underwater. I noticed the moss is sending up air bubbles.

Kev and I took a 4-wheeler ride out there later in the evening yesterday, and I didn't think it was possible, but the frogs & peepers were even more loud than they were in the afternoon. We saw a bluebird land in an oak tree that's in the middle of the field. First bluebird of the year.

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