Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kev!

Today is my husband's birthday, and he's finally hit the backside of his 40's... he is officially closer to age 50 now than to 40. Welcome to the club, honey!

In celebration, he's gone into work on an afternoon shift. Yee-ha. He planned ahead and took a lot of food in with him... because he's likely to be stuck over to work a 16-hour shift. March decided to come in like a lion today.

We had a lot of snow this morning in a short amount of time. Big, fat flakes came down thick and heavy. Then a lighter snow, which has changed to freezing rain. It's nearly dark out right now, and about 10 minutes ago, Sam and I went out onto the porch... we were listening to the rain fall like little pieces of glass breaking all over everywhere. And now the skies have decided to give us thunder and lightning. Loud thunder. Strange weather.

The schools all let the kids out early this afternoon, and so I decided to head home early from work myself. Driving was already a bit tricky, but not too bad. I imagine it's pretty awful right now.

Kev and Sammy were already shoveling snow by the time I got home. Then Kev got on his tractor and plowed snow before he left for work, so that will make navigating the driveway a little easier in the morning. Judging from the tinkling going on against the windows, though, it'll be like skating down the driveway tomorrow, I'm sure.

Because school closed, the middle school play that Sammy's in was cancelled for tonight. Our middle school has had the unlucky happenstance to have several of the opening nights of past plays cancelled due to inclement weather. Add 2007 to the list. The plan, I've heard, is to have opening night tomorrow evening, then the 2nd performance as originally scheduled on Saturday. I hope they have school tomorrow.

Enjoy the lightning, Kev. I had ordered fireworks for your birthday, but lightning will have to do. Fireworks later, I promise.

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