Friday, March 16, 2007

The ditch today

We live on a dirt road. There aren't all that many dirt roads left around the area where we live. In fact, most people here likely never come across a dirt road, let alone drive on one. Our driveway is also dirt, and it's kind of long. Both our road and driveway get pretty muddy at certain times of the year, like earlier this week. But today, both are drying up nicely. We got some colder weather, which helped.

Along the western side of the road runs a ditch, and like the rivers, as soon as the ice went out, it filled up. I noticed today that its level has dropped, though it's still running along at a quick pace. The ditch is what helps to dry up our muddy road. I would like the ditch for that reason alone, but there are many others, too.

On my drive home, I often put my window down and drive slowly, close to the edge of the road next to the ditch so I can look at the ditch and all the things in and around it. I've seen a lot of critters, including wood ducks, a great blue heron, a mink, and many, many others...

like this little chipmunk...

Today was sunny and the air was crisp... the water in the ditch today is very brown and clear... so many beautiful photo ops.

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