Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First pot

On my way home yesterday afternoon, I swung by Space Studios to see if my balloon pot was fired and ready to go... and it was! I made it for Kev, so I took it home and gave it to him. He liked the poison ivy theme; it made him laugh. I am really happy with the pot. I glazed the pot itself in a kind of matte finish with the vines and leaves in a glossy dark greenish glaze.

I put vines and a set of leaves on the inside, too.

Now my fingers are itching to work on more pottery, so I'm going there for a session tonight while Kev and the kids travel to a basketball game. Our high school boys varsity team is going pretty far this year, and I think whoever wins this game will play in the state finals for our region this Friday. So I'll be home alone Friday evening, too... hmmm... pottery class again maybe...?


  1. Wiser Sister6:45 PM

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Make me one!!! Really, Sis, that is truly a beautiful thing. You are amazingly creative and talented. I think you got my share....dammit! ;-)

    Wiser Sister

  2. chelle belle9:20 PM

    I love this pot!!! It is so gorgeous! :D

  3. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Beautiful job, Julie.


  4. Thanks, Kathy, Chelle & Zona! I'm glad y'all liked my first pot. I had fun doing it, so it's a bonus it actually turned out presentable! I glazed my candlesticks last night, & if those turn out ok, I'll post pics of them, too.
    p.s. I fixed the 2nd photo so it's not a duplicate of the 1st... that's what I get for letting Sammy hurry me off my computer so he can get on it to IM with his friends.