Sunday, March 27, 2005

Road Trip: Dry as a Bone

We discovered tonight that Bryant, Arkansas, is located in a DRY COUNTY. After driving all day in the rain, with no fun stops at all on such a crappy day, Kev and I were so looking forward to cold brewski tonight at the restaurant. Dammit. We even settled on Ruby Tuesday's as per the kids' choice, thinking it'd be worth it just to get a cold Corona... And the strawberry lemonade was a superb substitute. We each had 2, that's our limit.

I was truly surprised about the dry county thing, because we're not that far outside of Little Rock, and usually the big cities aren't dry. We've had this happen before in travels through the Southern states, wanting a beer and wanting it even more when we cannot buy one. It's such a strange concept to me. Years ago, we went through Lynchburg and did the tour of the Jack Daniels distillery, but we couldn't buy any of it there. Very strange. They can make it, just can't sell the devil's brew.

Anyway, too tired to try and find the county line tonight.

This is our 2nd night on the road, and we will arrive at our friends' house in Texas tomorrow. We've changed our plans along the way, but that's the very best aspect of our road trips... we can be as flexible as we want.

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