Friday, March 25, 2005

Answers from the Internet

Off and on, I've read this mommy blog. I'm not 100% sure it's totally classified as a mommy blog, but that's my personal classification.

Tangent: mommy blogs -- it's funny, since I'm a mom it seems like I should enjoy those more. But maybe it's because my kids are 16 and 10, and the baby stuff is way behind me... anyway, reading accounts of how junior or missy is making his/her way all around the house now or the child's fascination or reactions with learning to do something, eat something, feel something, etc etc etc... I'm slightly ashamed to say, I don't find it fascinating. It's nice and all, but ho, hum... it's usually boring to me. I feel like I should read those entries with fond memories of when my kids were babies and toddlers, reminisce with longing to have my little one back, or perhaps another baby. Fact is, I'm so totally glad those diaper days are over. I love to say, Joyce, you have got to get the vacuuming done today, or Sam, you will take care of your laundry today or no TV tonight and it's Survivor night, so you'd better do it pronto. I mean, it's awesome. Today my daughter is meeting her boyfriend in town for lunch, and since I totally forgot to pick up Sam's allergy med at Walgreens, she can do it for me! Freedom. Share the burden of errands, of housework. Plus, Joyce got up early this morning, so she and I talked after Kev left for work, and I asked her what she thought about what we're planning to do with the dogs while we're gone, and listening to her opinions on it has made me feel much better about our plan. I love having conversations with my kids. I'd like to read mom blogs with older kids, but my experience is that there just aren't too many of them. I think there could be a couple of reasons for that (warning this is a Very Broad Generalization, and it's meant to be so), if you're a mom with older kids, you may not have extra time to blog, Gen-Xers are driving their mini-vans filled with, e.g., 12-year-old soccer players, all over the place, and also I think it's partly because the Gen-Yers (the 20-30ish year olds) are more likely to turn to the computer (read: Internet) for just about everything and anything.

Anyhooo... back to this mommy blog. The author has put a question out to the Internet; it's a question about a big decision she's contemplating, and she asked what she should do, i.e., move or not move out of a big city into suburbia. I seem to be thinking about it a lot, like way too much. Not so much the question, but why she put it out there and how does she think it's going to help her. She has received a ton of comments, which range, as expected, from one total extreme to the other. (I even commented, me! I still don't know why I did so. Especially since I've never lived in a big city or in a suburb of a big city, but I have made big decisions in my almost-45-years of living.) It's interesting reading about the experiences, but how does that help her arrive at a decision... I just can't relate... I would definitely be interested in the experiences of others, to help provide some insight or research on a question or plan I'm considering, but generally, I would ask family, friends & coworkers or family and friends of family, friends and coworkers. Folks I'm pretty sure aren't zany as hell, or at least are zany like me.

I could see asking the big, wide Internet what were your experiences at thus and such, but to ask it should I or should I not [do something]... hmmm...

So what I like to call my "lightswitch reaction" kicked in. (Meaning I can be a heartless bitch and can turn it off and on like that, baby! Seriously, I can.) I've thought about that mommy blogger's question so much that now I'm tired of it and I think it's just silly, and not in an entertaining way for me at all. So I've deleted my favorites link to her blog, I mean I didn't even move it to the "blogs of semi-interest" folder. When I get bored, I do stuff like that. But then I'd probably delete the link to my blog if I wasn't me. Ha!

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