Monday, March 21, 2005

Ornery Club

Tonight my husband and I were charter members of the Ornery Club. Jeez, we both were ornery Big Time. Kev was nasty-faced because he just got up from a not-too-restful sleep and had to head back on into work for another midnight-12. (Did I mention that I abhor this 3-2-2 shift??? Grrrr.) I was cantankerous for pretty much the same reason. I am so very glad we're heading out on a road trip this Saturday. With the prospect of one whole week away from our respective hellholes, and Kev and I should both be able to be a little less contrary.

The one highlight of my day at work today was when I realized that though I had told all of my work team (via e-mail, in accordance with our team norms) that I would be on vacation beginning this Friday and not returning to the office until Monday, April 4th, this Friday is actually a company-paid holiday. I can't believe I didn't know that, but I was totally planning to use 8 hours vacation time, and instead it's a holiday! Yay! And then I realized that, oh shit, I don't have anything for the kiddos' Easter baskets yet. Good thing they're not babies any more and expect me to be a good mommy. They're old enough now to know better.

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