Monday, March 14, 2005


As if Monday mornings at work aren't bad enough, what with a pod* neighbor bringing in his hot breakfast from a local restaurant most mornings (such as shrimp scampi and bleucheeseburger and the other usual fine-smelling TYPICAL breakfast fare), and all the other little tidbits that make this work location a fine thing... this morning we have a Major Infestation of ants. There are hundreds of tiny brown and black ants everywhere. Our carpeting, circa 1981, is a mix of tan, gray, rust, black, brown, etc., and it provides excellent camouflage for the ants. Except you know how ants are... they don't usually stay still. So in certain areas of our pod this morning it looks like the carpeting is ALIVE.

What a lovely Monday morning.

*A pod, for those of you fortunate enough not to know, is a large configuration of cubicles. Our pod is in a rectangle, and they are meant to have an open center usually containing a table and chairs for meeting, though we replaced that with filing cabinets. The idea, originating from info systems or info tech groups as I understand it, is that the pod dwellers could all easily share info, thus making IS/IT response that much more, um, responsive. They could share easily because in a pod, there is absolutely no privacy and each person cannot help but hear (and smell) everything going on in the pod... and in the neighboring pods. And now we have ants. And everyone knows about it, of course. Because we all share info around here.

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