Friday, March 25, 2005

Secrets of the Sauce

Last night after the husband arrived home from a long 13-hour shift (he had to work over an hour), I took some leftover tomato sauce and made tomato soup. (The tomato sauce was leftover because I opened a can to juice up the leftover goulash we had the night before, & all we have in the pantry are big cans of tomato sauce.) That was our dinner, along with cheesy garlic bread that I found in the freezer. It was one of those times when you start looking in the fridge, freezer & pantry for some idea of What To Make For Dinner. The freezer heralded Texas Toast, and that was the inspiration for dinner. And the tomato soup was really, really good. My husband was all "this is the best tomato soup I've ever had" and when he asked what I put in it, I told him it was a secret. I said, "A good chef never reveals her secrets." My daughter piped in to say, "That's magicians."

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Cream, 2% milk, salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash Table Blend with the tomato sauce. It's rocket science, I tell ya.

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