Sunday, March 13, 2005

How to Handle Four 10-Year-Old Boys... or What I Found in My 'Fridge

My son has 3 friends over; they stayed over last night. (And they all slept in the basement, right underneath our bedroom.) We discovered that the energy of 4 boys is not represented by the formula =1*4, but rather the energy grows exponentially, and is more like =(1*4)*4. One may also insert the words "noise" or "volume" in place of "energy" and the formula will remain static. Add 1 very large bouncy ball, and well, static is but a distant memory.

So how does one handle energy (noise, volume) of such magnitude? One bottle Rossignol Seyval Blanc did the trick for me.

I'm still trying to figure out where this particular bottle of wine came from... Rossignol is a winery on Prince Edward Island, and I don't remember bringing back this bottle of wine from our visit there in the Summer of 2003, but I suppose it's possible. But it would be more interesting to me if I had found and purchased this wine locally. We absolutely loved our vacation on PEI, and this sweet little wine was best in that it brought back a bunch of great memories of our trip. The label has a picture on it of what's probably the estate, and there's the red dirt and the hills and the blue ocean in the background. Ahhh....

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