Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I finally figured out how to use my flash on my "new" digital camera. I got this camera as a service award from the company where I work. It's a very, very nice free camera. I've had it since early last October, but every time I started to study it, I got intimidated by it. Too many whistles and bells on it. I've used it, just not very well. I couldn't get a good shot at any of my daughter's volleyball games. I talked with a friend who I've seen carrying around a digital camera often, and she clued me in on a couple of little things. But still, I just don't know how to use that camera, and most of the pictures I take are crap. So I've made a decision to learn. The problem is that I don't really enjoy having to figure out what all the buttons and messages mean on the camera, but I do want to take and have nice photos. So that means I have to fork out the time and effort to learn how the darn thing works.

It's war and that darn camera ain't gonna win!

So I've been looking at quite a few different photo blogs. And I frequently read blogs that have daily photos. I thought that would be an interesting vehicle to get more fun out of learning how to use my camera. And then I came across a site that has a weekly photo assignment. You take a picture per the assignment, and then link it at that site. It is also like a competition because they end up with the top 6 voted as best, but I'm not really into the competition. Mostly it is just so cool. The assignment is usually one word, and you're left to interpret it however you want. Some of the photos are bad (even worse than mine!), but some are awesome. I think there are a lot of professional photographers participating. It's like visiting an art gallery. I decided to participate in as many weeks as I can, just to use it as a means to learn my camera, and because I think it's fun.

And the side benefit is that not only will I get more familiar with my camera, but I'm learning more about handling the jpg files and posting, linking, etc. I posted a photo, and the first time I did it was way wrong (and they deleted the link, thank goodness), but I figured it out. So now I've got another blog... it's my photo blog. It's so fun!

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