Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More on Pod Dwelling: The Phlegm Story

It is such a damn good thing we're taking a vacation.

My neighbor, here in the pod, whom I've previously mentioned, the one that eats unusual items for breakfast often... well, he's back at it. A while ago, I finally got tired of smelling his breakfasts and of hearing all my fellow pod dwellers bitch about the smells, along with bitching about hearing his constant hacking, choking, gagging, coughing and other loud manifestations of phlegm (likely greatly affected by all his greasy breakfasts)... so anyway, I finally got sick and tired of it all, got on the 'net, printed off a bunch of articles regarding how to reduce phlegm in your body, how greasy foods increase phlegm production in one's body, etc etc etc. I gave him the printed pages (about 50) and asked him to kindly finish his breakfast before he comes into the office and why don't you consider oatmeal?... You see, he stops at this local restaurant each morning, which has no take-out, by the way, so he must park his car, exit his car, walk into the restaurant and pick up his meal. So I suggested he take an additional 2.3 minutes and wolf it down there, instead of bringing it into the pod, smelling up the pod for 2 hours when he only spends but a moment wolfing his food down. But the smell lingers and lingers. Thus we get to "enjoy" his breakfast for much longer than he does.

That pissed him off, but it worked for a while. But now he's back at it. Bringing in his smelly ass food every single damn morning again. And of course, it's usually greasy. So then we get to listen to him try to handle the phlegm all fucking day long. It is so GROSS. And I am so bloody tired of it.

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