Saturday, April 02, 2005

Happy 22nd

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. Life is good!

Woke up this morning very happy in a very comfortable hotel in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We're not all that far from home (yes!), but it was getting too late last night to continue. Driving the highways late on a Friday night is not my idea of a fun component of any road trip. Too many nuts. (Probably more like too many beers.) I have too much imagination of how a wonderful road trip can end horribly once I start getting tired. Seems like ever since I had kids, my thoughts go to the worst case scenario. My husband of 22 years knows this well, and instead of pushing it all the way home last night like he wanted, we stopped, got a room, popped some corn in the microwave and watched "Numbers." Awesome.

Joycie is laying on her bed right now reading a good book, I've just had a wonderful shower and the boys are down at the pool already. Sam already checked out the breakfast, and they have one of those waffle makers, so he's happy. We love those complimentary breakfasts with those waffle irons, the kind you fill up and flip to start the 2-minute timer. Sam would like to install one at home.

This has been such a nice road trip vacation. We didn't get to see and do as much as we planned, for 2 reasons. I planned too much and it rained too much. But the Lost River Cave boat tour yesterday (near Bowling Green, Kentucky) was excellent, and the Jim Beam distillery (particularly the bourbon tasting at the Beam home) was really cool. We passed (again) on Mammoth Cave due to the heavy rain, so we'll have to plan that for another road trip. (We had planned to go there on the way to Texas, but didn't because of heavy rain.) Our visit in Texas with our friends was great. I caught Sam's bad cold & felt awful enough to forego wine, which bummed me out. I love drinking a nice bottle of wine with my best friend, Sandy, and chitchattin' til the cows come home. I missed that this trip. Sam's favorite part was Medieval Times... he LOVED that. I loved watching him.

Good trip... but now I can't wait to get home!

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