Sunday, April 03, 2005

Road Trip: Antiquing

I think because it was our anniversary, I was easily able to talk my husband into stopping at some antique stores. I haven't been antiquing in a long, long time. I love going into those small dusty shops and picking through the junk for that one treasure you think you'll find. It used to be a lot more fun 20 years ago. I'm not really sure why. Prices are pretty steep now, for the most part, and that's not much fun. And there seems to be a lot of true junk placed in with old stuff, junk that's not even really old. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but that Budweiser ceramic beer stein that is exactly like the one at home in my cupboard that my husband bought 20 years ago at K-Mart just doesn't seem like it belongs in an antique shop. And what's with the books? We saw a ton of popular, modern paperbacks for sale at this one antique "mall," and they were well used but priced at almost the original sale price. How dumb is that.

Anyway, this one huge place in Angola, Indiana, had a ton of stuff, but most of it seemed way, way overpriced. There was one small, white ceramic creamer/pitcher I wanted, it was about 3 or 4 inches high and real cute. It was with 4 plates and 1 small plate, and I thought that was an odd grouping. The seller wanted $25, and so I asked how much for just the creamer... $20 just seemed too much. Then he said that was "$20 firm." So I said see ya. It's one thing to overcharge me, it's quite another to overcharge me with an attitude. Dammit. Because now I've got non-buyer's remorse. Wish I had bought the little thing.

We stopped at a couple of other places closer to home, and I made 2 small purchases. I have apparently decided to collect white pottery articles. I found this awesome Dansk bank that's shaped like a modernistic antelope or something. Very cool. And I'm not necessarily hooked on antiques or old stuff. I also found this awesome creamer and sugar bowl on clearance at a Cracker Barrel. Take that, Mr. Angola Antique Mall Smartass. Ha!

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