Friday, February 01, 2008


As I mentioned in a recent previous post, I'm spending a goodly amount of my time in Kev's big comfy recliner.

This chair is situated in an ideal location considering the circumstances. It's in front of the TV, close to the sofa, has an end table right next to it, near the front door, has a line of sight into the kitchen, well, basically has a line of sight to all areas of interest for me, and when getting out of the chair, it is basically a direct line to walk to the bathroom. A good list of good things about this chair.

Also, I am getting up and down out of this chair much easier now, and up & down from the sofa, too, where I'm currently sleeping. I'm walking with more ease now too, compared to when I first got home from the hospital. Daily improving.

Like I said, my chair is situated ideally for this time of my recuperation. Probably the most important item in my list of good things about this chair is that I have a direct line of vision to the TV. Here is a simple schematic so you can better visualize what I'm describing...

This shows only the TV, sofa, my chair and the end table, and my line of sight is represented, too. Yes, I have far too much time on my hands right now.

Since I am supposed to keep from twisting my neck to the right or left, or up or down, especially these first 4 weeks or so, being able to simply sit in this chair and stare straight ahead to the TV is a good thing.

Every other seat in our living room, the sofa, love seat and another chair, all require one's head to be turned at least slightly when watching the TV. Kev and I did the floor plan for our house ourselves; it's very likely we would now change some things about our living room if we could. For example, there is only one location for placement of a TV. One. That really limits one's ability to rearrange furniture in our living room. Kev and I are pretty much the put-it-there-and-let-it-stay-there kind of people anyway... so it's not like our inability to move the furniture around to a new and exciting arrangement is a tragedy.

While spending so very much time lately in my chair, I have experienced something that initially was in the "bothersome" category, and after a couple of days was upgraded to the "pain the in ass" category... and lately well into the "driving me crazy" category...

The chair swivels and reclines. And the damn thing won't stay put. The swivel in Kevin's chair is out of whack.

I'll get comfortably settled, feet up, slightly reclined, pillows satisfyingly under both arms, DVD set to go (currently "Friend Green Tomatoes"), and then this fool of chair will begin to list to the right, thus completely destroying my perfectly straight line of sight to the TV...

Oh, bother!

I was bitching about Kevin's darn chair yet again this afternoon, shortly after Joycie's boyfriend, Mike, arrived. He said, "Here, I'll fix it with my shoe." Since is shoe is a very nice looking leather boot, currently wet from walking through the snow from his car to the house, I told him not to use his nice shoe and to go grab one of my boots at the back door. He did, and he was on the floor at the base of my chair for about 20 seconds, and no more listing! He braced the metal part at the bottom with my boot. Then he moved my end table a little closer. All of which earned him the Hero of the Day award in my book.

And so now I can remain happy in my chair. Though, I was somewhat interested in this...


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Okay, you do have way too much time on your hands (seating schematics!) but I completely understand...actually I'm enjoying the multitude of posts. But seriously, who in their right mind would want the "this" you mentioned. OMG, like you don't get your butt kicked enough all day long, let's go home, sit down, relax and wait for a big ol' ass-kickin'! You are one strange little chick...but I luv ya anyway.

    Wiser Sister

  2. I know! Berkline used to be a classy line of furniture... I never thought I'd see the day when Berkline and Buttkicker would be purposefully put together by the company itself. I was afraid to click on their link, "Motion Isn't Just for Recliners"... I mean, maybe they're now subscribing to the whole "sex sells" thing. Poor old Mr. Berkline is rolling over in his grave.
    And p.s. I just LOVE it that you called me "little"!... and I don't care what words precede or follow it...