Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just a Love Machine

  • I left the house today! I had to have x-rays done before my doctor appointment next Monday morning, so I went into town this afternoon. It felt so strange to be out of the house. Just being designated "house bound" has driven me crazy the past couple of days. So I'm ok again now. I'm pretty sure I'll make it to Monday.

  • After I had x-rays taken, Kev and I zipped into K-Mart. I needed to buy some Glade Press 'n Seal wrap so I can wrap it around my arm to protect the PIC line when I take a shower. The PIC line should not get wet. They also had Vitamin Waters on sale 10 for $10. What a deal! Sammy loves Vitamin Water, so we bought 20. But Kev dropped one in the store on the way out, so we came home with only 19. Sammy very happy. We didn't tell him about the one we lost.

  • I was going to provide a link to the Vitamin Water web site, but that sucker takes too long... Just "anything worthwhile is worth waiting for" over and over and over and over and over and over... where was I? Oh yes, over and over in a bunch of different colors, representing, no doubt, the many flavors available. Flashy, flashy. Anyway, I found this site instead. Interesting.

  • I had expected to get a CT scan in preparation for this upcoming doc appointment, but I was told x-rays. I had to get into only 3 different positions for the x-rays, and one was simply looking straight ahead. The other 2, though, were painful. Oy! Enough with the poodles already! (Fortunately, I only said the Oy! part out loud... the x-ray guy didn't look like much of a Gilmore Girls fan, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have had a clue.)

  • The nurse came earlier today and changed my PIC line dressing. This must be done once per week. Even if I get to stop the antibiotics next week, my PIC line will likely remain for quite some time. I'll have to continue to flush it daily, first with saline, and then with Heparin. The Heparin keeps the blood from clotting at the end of the line; clotting would plug the line off. Also, the dressing will have to continue to be changed weekly. This could go on for a very long time. Seems weird to have this tubing hanging out of my arm, but each day it's less weird. I suppose by the time it's taken out, it'll seem strange not to have it.

  • Kev is on days this week, so he's taking Sammy to school in the mornings. Sam didn't have school on Monday, a day off for the students & a working day for teachers. So this morning it was the usual Kevin and Sammy hurry battle. Ugh! They should be leaving by about 6:45am so that Kev can drop Sam off & still get to work on time. Since Sam had practice after school & then made plans to go home with Zack & then to the game at the high school (where Kev is now picking him up), I knew Sammy would need some cash. It was close to 7am, so Kev was tense. I asked him if he had any cash for Sam. Kev said, "Yeah, because I'm a freakin' money machine." (He didn't use the word freakin' though, just so you know.) So I said, "Hey, that's not fair. All this time I thought you were a sex machine, and now I learn you're also a money machine?! I've been gipped!"

  • Reilly just saw Kev and Sam drive up, and he's doing a barking thing combined with a talking thing. It's so cute.

  • Since the USB port for wireless connection I bought for Sammy's computer upstairs in his room didn't work, I bought a long cable instead. I ran the cable from the router across the dining room and up the stairs to Sam's room and his computer to check and make sure it'd work. Which it does, like a dream. So now, we've had this black cable going across the dining room, perched on the light fixture and sometimes hanging a bit low. We have plans to drill a hole in the ceiling/Sam's flooor. For now, though, the cable hangs in the way. I put a sign on it that reads, "Watch Your Head." A few days ago, I wrote on the other side, "Clock Your Fred." No one has noticed it yet.

  • A different young man came to the house this afternoon to drop off more supplies and bags of antibiotics. He was wearing enough cologne for 5 men. Boy, did he stink up my house. I was waving my front door back and forth in an effort to air the house out as he walked down our porch steps and the sidewalk. I'm sure he wondered what in the hell I was doing. I wanted so badly for him to ask me. But he didn't.

  • I believe everyone who is involved in any way with a medical profession should not be allowed to wear cologne, perfume or even perfumed lotion. It should be illegal! They're dealing with sick people, and when you're feeling sick, some strong scents can make you feel worse; make you feel like barfing. Hell, some perfumes can make me feel sick when I'm feeling perfectly healthy. Attention Human Race: Enough with the perfume already!

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