Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been playing around again with a masthead idea. This would likely fall under the category of "too much time on my hands" but I'm still thinking on that... there may be a better song title to capture my current experience. Anyway, do you like it? Why a pumpkin? Just coz I like pumpkins... I have a thing for 'em.

I'm currently working again on my desktop computer, which I adore. My lovely, fast, reliable computer. I'm sitting upright in my desk chair, no recliner! Though I can't really stand it for long...

My company laptop that I've been using has decided to become slower than molasses in January. I've been trying to keep up on some things, as I've mentioned before, including e-mails, and also some reports that I would normally run daily off from a secure web site. I was up early this morning, around 5:30am, and I made myself a pot of coffee, got all settled with my laptop in the recliner. I thought to myself, this morning, it will work. Boy, was I wrong. I spent 45 minutes just trying to get to the reports web page, and I finally gave up. Did the same thing about 3 times yesterday. Investigation will commence soon. I'd like to keep up on those reports, otherwise it's gonna be a bitch when I have to do a ton of them at once. Ugh.

Kevin never did end up meeting up with Bob & Janet at the game hunting expo yesterday. Instead, he took Sammy with him, and I think they got there at about 1pm. They didn't stay super long, and on their way back home, they stopped and got some groceries for Kevin to make dinner. He took foil and made little pockets of potatoes & onions, and some with peppers, with butter & a few spices, and grilled them, along with 3 very, very nice New York strips. The steaks were excellent, as were the potatoes. Sammy, Kev & I had a superb dinner together. Followed by cheesecake. What a man!

Yesterday afternoon, my brother, Jim, and my sister-in-law, Sue, drove up to visit with me. They live about an hour away, and they decided it was a nice, sunny day for a drive, and I'm so glad they did! I had the 2 of them all to myself. It was such a nice visit.

I've been getting into little drawers and things, lately. Not really sure why. It's not really that I need something more to do, I have plenty on my little "to do while recuperating list," which I'm finally kinda sorta feeling like getting back to...

The top, tiny drawer of my jewelry chest was one of my recent snoopings. It had in it a red and white pacifier with a baseball motif... the last of Sammy's binkies that I couldn't bear to throw away. I also have in there some awards (pins and charms) that I won in high school... 2 of them are for typing and shorthand. Yes, they're old. I also have one of my Dad's military dog tags from when he was in the Army during the Korean war. I can't even remember how I ended up with it, but I know I've had it most of my adult life.

In that little drawer, I also found a baby bracelet. Way back when us kids were born, the hospital didn't print out a plastic arm &/or foot band. They strung glass beads onto gold elastic thread, using white beads with black letters to spell your last name, and then on each side of the last name, a little row of small beads, either pink or blue. I suppose how many little pink or blue beads depended upon how long your last name was. I remember us kids getting into that baby stuff where these bracelets were, and I talked with my Mom about it yesterday when I saw this little bracelet. She said she had tried to keep us out of that stuff, but we all got into it, and she's not sure where a lot of it is now. She used to have our baby shoes, too. For example, I don't think she knew I had this little bracelet. Funny thing is, the one in my drawer has little blue beads on it. Since I'm the youngest of 5 kids, and there's only 1 son... I somehow ended up in possession of Jim's baby bracelet. Weird, I know. And I've had it for years and years and years. I don't know why yesterday it suddenly struck me that, hey, the beads are blue, so it's Jimmy's bracelet and certainly not mine. When Jim and Sue were here, I found a box for it and taped it shut and gave it to Sue. It's only right that they should have it, and I know Sue loves that kind of stuff. Sue said she thinks she has a pink one like it, and she's going to look for it. It'd be cute to have the 2 bracelets displayed together.

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