Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is it - my hospital room version

I've mentioned that the room I'm in here at the Covenant hospital is quite nice. It's very large, because it's intended for 2 beds. Kevin told me today that he had heard the previous occupant needed some kind of machine with her, and it was so large that they had to put her into this room and move the other bed out so the machine could also fit into the room. A regular private room was too small.

Also, I think the bed I have is different than the usual hospital room beds. For one thing, after I adjust the head up or down and the feet up or down, the bed will then make additional adjustments all by itself. The first time that happened, it freaked me out. But then I realized this bed is pretty darn smart, coz the adjustments it makes are more comfortable. It was still strange to feel my butt sinking a little when I didn't ask for that to happen. This bed makes a lot of noises also, strange noises. One set sounds like a cicada, and another sounds like a large engine getting ready for take-off. Just now, it's not making any noise at all.

The TV's in these rooms are very small and attached to the floor, and the TV swings out on an arm. The arm doesn't allow the TV to swing out in front of this bed, and since I cannot turn my head to the right or left, I can't watch TV. I'm not missing it much. I think I'll ask Kev to bring me a couple of DVD's tomorrow, so I can watch those on my laptop. Joycie and Mike brought my laptop in for me when they visited me yesterday, along with my camera.

So I've got my laptop and my camera, a nice, big hospital room, and not much to do... a perfect time for another round of "What is it?"... my hospital room version...

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