Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mmm... pudding...

During my hospital stay after my surgery, I re-introduced myself to tapioca pudding. I hadn't had any in a long time.

I was in a private room, having to pay almost $40 each day extra that insurance won't cover to get one. Worth it. Big Time. One of the first things I noticed was how the hospital handles breadfast, lunch and dinner has changed dramatically. It's been so very long since I had a hospital stay, but I seem to remember that you would circle your choices for breakfast on this piece of paper, which would be picked up and then your breakfast delivered to your room. Same for lunch and dinner. Choices were limited.

Now there is a tri-fold menu from which to choose whatever you want. A very classy-looking menu. You call the phone number listed, tell the person your room number and name and list off all the items you desire. Then you are thanked and told the time by which your food will be delivered. It's just like room service at a hotel. And I don't know if it is because I am paying extra for a private room, but you don't pay by the items... it's included in your room cost.

Sounds wonderful, but the catch is that some of the food is awful. For example, I ordered a toasted English muffin and raisin bran cereal for breakfast this morning. The cereal was fine, it came sealed, one of those single-serving things. The toasted English muffin was in their usual black plastic serving container, with the muffin on a white china dish. This is what they use for hot dishes, to keep them hot. The English muffin was wheat... now, I did not specify an original, white English muffin, but I would think if one orders an English muffin sans using the word "wheat," then the muffin would not arrive as wheat. Mine did. Yuck. I like wheat bread, wheat bagels, etc., but my English muffins should never be wheat. Also, toasted to me means, you know, toasted... slightly brown at least. This wheat thing was simply warmed. To add insult to injury, their garnish is a small leaf of purple cabbage with a little wedge of orange. What happens when you add heat to cabbage? It smells. So I open the cover of my anticipated toasted English muffin to be greated by a stinky cabbage limp warm wheat thing. And don't even get me started at my attempt to get a tuna melt. Makes me gag just thinking about it again.

So my last stay, I learned what things to order. Fresh fruit. Sliced pears. Orange muffins, blueberry muffins, yogurts, cereals, bananas... things they couldn't easily ruin. And oh yes, vanilla bean cheesecake with mixed berries for topping. I think I ordered one of those for every lunch and dinner, and possibly a couple of breakfasts each day on my last stay... Kev, Joycie and Sammy loved them. I have yet to taste one. For some reason, no desire for cheesecake. But the gals down in the cafeteria or whatever they call it, quickly got used to my ordering a cheesecake. It was always the very last item I would list. And I would say, "with mixed berries," and they learned to say, "on the side." Yes, please. Thank you.

But puddings, yes. Tapioca. And baked custard. Yum. Macaroni and cheese also ok.

So when I got home from the hospital after surgery, it was late on a Tuesday evening. We did not fill my prescriptions on the way home because that would have taken too long. Kev went into town the next day, dropped off my 3 prescriptions, then went and picked up some groceries while Walgreens took the necessary 1+ hour to fill them. Kev got me some of those lovely Yoplait whipped yogurts. Yum. My Momma had brought 4 of them into the hospital for me when she visited me, as a treat (a healthy treat), and they hit the spot. Loved 'em. The Orange Cream is especially good. Kev also picked up some tapioca pudding for me. I had never had or heard of this kind before, but I am now so happy he chose it. It is:

And it is soooooooo good! Then we tried this one, too:

Also good!

Ok, so I'm very happy Kev discovered Kozy Shack puddings for us, because they are, hands down, the best boughten puddings I've ever had. But discovering such wonderful puddings now is probably not going to help the ol' lose weight once I'm recovered from surgery and can do things again plan. All things in moderation. Kozy Shack stays.

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