Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just how I'm feeling

I was looking through Photo Friday, and I saw this wonderful photo taken by Eng Loy Tan, a doctor from Singapore...

You can see his beautiful photography here at his photoblog. The above photo he took was submitted for Photo Friday's 'Art" challenge; here is a link to his entry, which is on his photoblog.

This photo is exactly how I'm feeling right now.

Not that I'm proud of feeling this way, because clearly it's yet another big ol' pity-party. But when I saw this photo, I totally connected...

  • My PICC line dressing was coming off last night, so the RN changed it in the middle of the night... and she didn't let the alcohol totally dry before she put the plastic on, so my skin underneath is like when you get all prune-like from being in the bath too long, and then she put clear tape on the end to hold it better, and I'm so allergic now to clear tape... so that whole area of skin around my PICC line is raw and painful. They had to change the dressing again just a bit ago because of it. Totally hurts.

  • Dr. Adams closed up my incision with stitches instead of staples, as I've mentioned, and the ends of the stitches are long and sharp and poking me, when they poke me in the incision, it causes a severe spasm of pain.

  • I'm supposed to be wearing my collar whenever I'm out of bed, but it presses on those stitches and hurts like heck.

  • I can't take a bath or a shower here, only a sponging off, and I feel yukky and my feet are dirty and I hate this. Also, I haven't had my hair washed since Thursday morning. Ugh.

  • They still don't have pain meds right so that I can get through the day (& night) without a pain meltdown.

  • I miss Reilly.

Also, all my posts lately are about this, and I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT!, aren't you???!!!

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! You're in my thoughts always....feel better soon! XOXOXOXO

    XOXO (couple more for good measure)