Sunday, February 10, 2008

Driving me bonkers

This clock is on the wall facing my bed in the hospital room. This little video does not do it justice... it is such a loud clock, especially for such a small room... click on the clock to get to the video I uploaded on YouTube... if I did it right, that is...

Turn your volume up as loud as it'll go to get an idea of what this is like. The few times I've turned on the television, I've had to have the volume up almost too loud for my enjoyment just to hear it well enough over The Damn Clock.

Right next to the clock is a whiteboard where the nurses always write the day and date and then their names. They usually have an RN and an LPN team. Yesterday morning, the LPN, Christina, updated the info on the whiteboard...

Thank goodness Christina gave me something to smile about! I usually find such obvious misspellings irritating, but Christina is an entertaining young woman & I like her... and it's something OTHER THAN THE CLOCK to think about. It's not just Saturday, it's a day to fully satisfy, to fill to excess... it's Saterday. Yay!

When Kev brought in my laptop, I also had him bring in my trusty Sony... so here's a pic of my boys visiting me yesterday evening...

Aren't they beautiful? Yes, yes they are. I'm trying real hard to focus on the 2 of them, Joycie, and my whole family, instead of all things I hate about being here.

Like the bed. I understand why they have mattresses covered in plastic (and judging from the smell that was wafting around last night, the plastic was likely very handy in one of the beds on this hall... OMG, words cannot describe). And the pillows, too, are plastic covered. But they all make me sweat. Sheets covering plastic still make my ass and back sweat. I lie in bed and get uncomfortably hot and sweaty, then I get up to use the bathroom, which is like a freezer for some reason, and then I get chilled, so I hurry back to the bed to cover up, but within minutes, again, I'm hot and sweaty.

I would like to leave the bathroom door open to maybe warm it up a little in there, but there is a fan going constantly, and it is very loud. At first I thought that was a good thing, coz is would help to drown out That Damn Clock. But I was wrong; it simply added more loud noise into the room. And made the room chilly.

This hospital is one of the better ones in Michigan, and there is a lot of new construction. But I am in a room that's an older part of the complex. And you can tell.

Bottom line is that I don't want to be here so badly that I'm apt to find fault with everything here. Except the nurses; almost every single one here is wonderful. A couple of ornery ones out of the 20 or 25 I've had help me is a darn good ratio.

One of the nurses for today, Kristina, who is older than the other Christina, and very nice and a very pretty woman, just came in a took my vitals. She then brought in for me new bed linens (and she already knows I like to change my own bed... gives me something to do) and towels to shower. Since I've been hot and sweaty, then chilled, then hot and sweaty, then chilled, and so on, ad nauseam, since my shower yesterday morning, I do feel the need, and the desire, to shower. But knowing I have to enter that freezing cold, ceramic tile covered chamber to shower is no strong incentive.

Also, the pain pill they gave me 2 hours ago has done pretty much nothing for pain.

I do have yet another gross photo of my incision from yesterday. After the visit from Dr. Adams and then Dr. Abollo, who both had looked briefly at the site, I had Kev finish pulling the bottom half of the dressing down and take a photo before he taped it back up for me. Warning: yes, it's still gross. But I think it's improving. If you're really interested, which you'd have to be to wanna look at this pictures, here are links to all of them, in reverse order...

Ye of weak stomach, don't click on the links below...

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