Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tonight's rising moon

Early this evening, before Kev and Sammy got home from Sam's basketball game, I walked by some of our windows that face East. I noticed a full moon rising... so I grabbed my trusty Sony, threw on a coat and put my bare feet into a pair of Kev's big ol' boots by the back door and I WENT OUTSIDE ALL BY MYSELF. And since I'm typing this blog post at close to midnight, you can plainly deduce I survived!

I got several horrible shots of the gorgeous moon rising through the trees across the pond, and just a few passable ones...

It was damn cold out there!

I woke up about 20 minutes ago, and it felt like the middle of the night... like the wee hours of the morning... imagine my surprise that it was only 11:38pm. Strange. I haven't been keeping to much of a routine, so now I'm up and back down sleeping or napping at any ol' time.

In lieu of taking some more pain meds, which I'm not due for until 1:00am at earliest, I decided to see what my camera had in store for me. It's worked to keep my mind busy and off that strange pain on the left side of my neck. But now I'm done, so... Oy, enough with the poodles already!

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