Saturday, February 16, 2008

Verbal diarrhea

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately. Each time I sat and attempted to write something, my brain mushed out. I am hereby feeling so much better. I feel a long post in me just waiting to get out. Here I go...

As I start writing this post, I’m getting my morning dose of antibiotics via my PIC line. I was just thinking, as I was setting everything up, that I know how to do this so well now that I don’t even need to have the instructions nearby, let alone refer to them. Then I skipped a step. I forgot to load up the tubing and get the air bubbles out before attaching it to the clave. Cocky me.

I have something Major (well, I think it's major anyway) planned to thank my sister, Kathy, for her Band-Aid suggestion. Going from those tapes to Band-Aids has made such an impact on how my tape-raw skin feels; the relief is wondrous. Wondrous, I tells ya. I hope Kathy will be pleasantly surprised. And now that she’s read this, she’ll be wondering and wondering... hee hee.

My Mom & Dad came over and visited me yesterday afternoon, and they brought me a loaf of Daddy’s white bread. Also some butter, since Kevie forgot to get that item when he got groceries the other day. The loaf is already half gone. No way am I going to keep Sammy and Kev out of it; anyway, I want to share it with them. Well, part of me wants to hog it all for myself. Yes, Daddy’s bread is that good. Kev got home at 4:00am this morning from work, and he made himself some toast with it. He was so tired, and I know he would not normally have bothered with toast. But he was too enticed by Dad’s bread.

I have gotten so many phone calls since my surgery, and almost all of them are from my family, and many from my friends. Just checking on me, saying hi. I love it when they call me. This week has been really difficult, and all the phone calls have helped. Warmed my heart. Helped me ward off my tendency lately to have a big ol’ on-going pity-party for meself. My family rocks.

When Mom & Dad were here yesterday, Reilly was almost beside himself with joy. My Mom got Reilly as a puppy, trained him well, and then we got to keep him with us when he was about a year old or so. Reilly sheds his long white hair a LOT. Drove my Dad bonkers. It is difficult to keep up on the dog hair in the house, but Joycie, Sammy and I were overjoyed that Mom decided we could have him and his long hair. Kev not so much, but he’s been won over. Reilly still remembers who his first love is; he adores my Mom. The noises he makes when he sees her are very entertaining. He’s telling her: oh, I love you, I love you, how are you, I’m so happy to see you, I love you, yes, scratch me there, oh, I’ve missed you, I love you, I love you, you smell so good, ah, yes, there, oh, I love you, I love you, I love you...

Now that I am not overwhelmed with itching and agony from the tape around my incision, I can actually feel my incision more now. The one spot that’s just below the crease of my neck where there’s one of the holes that’s still seeping a lot... and I’ve realized that spot really hurts. You are cordially invited to my pity-party.

Joycie stopped by Space Studios and picked up some of my pieces that were done and some that were bisque fired, just needing some clear glaze. Kathy Space sent home a bottle of clear glaze so I could work on those if I’m able. Just unpacking the box and setting all my new pieces on the counter made me feel so good. I cannot wait to get back to pottery class at Space Studios. My fingers itch for clay. I can almost smell the studio. Pics of my newly finished pieces soon.

My best friend, Sandra Jean, sent me a package beautifully wrapped up for Valentine’s Day. It had so many incredibly thoughtful things in it... herbal serenity aromatherapy overnight hand treatment lotion and gloves (which is so great because I’ve been washing my hands so much lately, they’re painfully dried out), a spa neck wrap that you warm up and put on your neck (I’ll use that later), pretty heart-shaped glass tealight holders, 1 red & 1 clear, and lovely scented tealights (aromatherapy) called "escape", oh my gosh, so much! Also a pretty pink pad of paper, the long kind with magnets on the back for the fridge that says "Love Notes" at the top... so cute. That girl has good timing. It cheered me up on an afternoon when I really, really needed it... Thursday afternoon, when my sister, Joie (aka JoAnne), brought Sammy home for us, and the 2 of them had swung by my folks’ to pick up this package from Sandy where our mailman had delivered it. When Joie came into the house, she said, “Come here, you need a hug.” And she was right, I did. And I bawled my head off on her shoulder while she hugged me tight and rocked me. And then I felt so much better. Then I opened Sandy’s oh-so-thoughtful gifts, and I cried some more. Happy tears.

Joie & Sammy had also swung by and picked up something for me from my nephew, Michael. He co-ops at a pharmacy, and they were cleaning an area out yesterday. They found this round pill-minder that has in the center a clock with an alarm. The packaging was opened, and instead of tossing it, Michael snagged it for me. Thoughtful nephew! And perfect timing. The reason I had such a rough day Thursday was because I forgot to take my Effexor pill Wednesday afternoon. Effexor is usually prescribed for depression, but a couple of years ago, my doctor suggested I try it for my pre-menopausal night sweats. It worked, and continues to work. Only women who have had those nasty night sweats can understand how happy I was to find something so quickly that was so effective. Effexor has pretty much eliminated night sweats for me. But... if I forget to take the pill (which is just a 75mg capsule, rather a small dose), the next day I feel yucky and pukey and kinda dizzy. And apparently, a bit more emotional. I’ve always used my cell phone alarms to remind me, but I’ve got so many things to remember now, that I’ve goofed up on the Effexor a couple of times. This pill-minder that Michael gave to me will be perfect for this! It’s large and oval and green, and it’s called The Turtle.

This item is something I have found to be invaluable lately...

A bamboo back scratcher I got at a dollar store years and years ago. I bought a few of them, and they’re scattered throughout the house. I also took one into work. Oh, the joy of being able to reach That Spot that’s itching. I’ve been using it to scratch my head, neck, shoulders and back a lot lately, yes, softly and carefully. Of course. But it’s also come in handy to reach things. When I’m ensconced in the recliner, and the pad of paper I want is just out of reach, this back scratcher is very helpful. Every room in every house should have a cheap bamboo back scratcher.

Oh! The sofa pillow I peed on and ruined, the one we thought was going to cost us a bit of a bundle to replace... well, turns out our Flexsteel purchase was a very good purchase. Lifetime warranty. They’re sending a replacement cushion for free. Free. We don’t even have to pay shipping and handling. We’ve had this sofa and love seat, and the ottoman, for about 14 years now, and they still look pretty good. When it comes time to replace them... Flexsteel it is. My sister, Kathy, and my brother-in-law, Bob, just ordered new living room furniture, and they bought Flexsteel. I think it should arrive any day now. Getting new furniture is so exciting! Flexsteel, you rock!

Kev is going to meet my brother-in-law, Bob, and my sister, Janet, today over in Mt. Pleasant at a hunting expo. They wanted him to go with them to breakfast first, but since he didn’t get home from work until 4:00am, he passed on breakfast. The expo starts at 10:00am, and he’s supposed to be over there to meet them at that time... Kev asked me to make sure he was awake at 8:15am this morning when his alarm went off. I heard the alarm, I heard him get up and go into the bathroom, I heard him open a window blind, but then nothing. Finally, a few minutes ago, I got myself out of this recliner, grabbed my IV pole and went into check on him. He was back in bed. I said, “Honey, are you awake?” He said, “Yes, just laying here for a few more.” I don’t think he’s going to make the 10:00am meeting time with Janet & Bob... but they’ll catch up somewhere at the expo. My poor, hard-working, tired hubby.

Sammy’s cell phone has been beeping for at least the last hour and a half, while he sleeps, because he either missed a call, got a voice mail or a text.

Kev just got up, and I convinced him to go right back to bed. He must be tired. I called Bob (I have 2 brothers-in-law Bob!), and told him not to wait for Kevin-the-Tired.

I brought home from the hospital one of those pink, cheap plastic bins that they give you with shampoo, lotion, baby powder, etc., in it, and which also can handily double as a vomit catcher because those stupid little kidney shaped plastic containers they give you for that purpose are mostly worthless. (Yes, mine is clean; it’s a puke virgin.) I’ve been tossing every syringe (no needles) I’ve used thus far into it. The first nurse, Pam, instructed me to toss them, and I asked if she had a problem that I save them to use for craft projects, and she said knock yourself out. I am such a packrat.

Kathy just called me and told me I needed to put the photos of my incision as one pic, progressively next to each other. Good idea! (She's so full of those!) So here it is. I guess I see a little progress... but not much. Crap.

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