Thursday, September 27, 2007


My Mom and Dad's land is on the Chippewa River, out in the country. My 3 sisters, and their respective family members & pets, all live on property adjoining Mom & Dad's (which used to belong to our folks). There are lots and lots of trails that go all over the combined family property parcels, which is a little over 80 acres. Our family rides 4-wheelers all over, and also my Mom & Dad's golf cart. I love the golf cart. I like to take a ride in the afternoon & take my camera with me. I love riding down by the river on the West 20, especially this time of year, when it's lovely and cool out... and when I get near the river, I can smell it before I can see it. The trails go through woods, lush and green and full of all different kinds of ferns, through fields, near cattail swamps and all over. This past week, I took some photos of the trails...

Click on the small photo to view a larger version.

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