Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to the birds

We took our bird feeders down for a while because we were having problems with raccoons and opossums. A raccoon had come close to destroying the bird feeder... darn critters. Also, the turkeys were getting more and more bold, causing a major mess. I went and bought a baffle that goes on the post that holds the feeders, and this will hopefully keep the critters in check... I still have to put it on the feeder somehow, but I got home one day recently and found that Kev had put the feeders back up. What a nice surprise.

With all the bushes around the feeder, the little birds have a lot of places to hide between dashes to the feeder and back. The shrub right next to the window shakes constantly with their landings and take-offs. I love it. It's like the bush is alive. Well, it is alive, but you know what I mean...

And of course, I took some photos...

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