Sunday, September 16, 2007

For September... What is it?

Friday afternoon, Sammy and I visited with my folks, and then he and I went for a golf cart ride down on the West 20 by the river. It was a beautiful, crisp day. I took a ton of photos, and then yesterday I took a ton more at Sammy's football game... After his game, Sammy and I headed into town to the Verizon store and Barnes & Noble, 2 places he loves to shop! It was also the weekend of the annual hot air balloon festival, and that was interesting,too.

We're having a beautiful, sunny morning now, though it is very cold out... probably around 45 degrees this morning. My fingers are cold as I type this! Kevin's cousin, Ken, is visiting from Texas, and the 2 of them are out in the woods right now doing some bird hunting. Poor Ken is likely frozen solid; he's not used to this weather.

While the boys were in the woods and my Sammy was still sleeping, I've finished off almost 2 pots of nice, hot coffee and went through the tons of pictures I took the past couple of days...

so I suppose, then, it's time for another version of "What is it?"...

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