Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sudoku... I found it!

I have been searching for a free download of a Sudoku game for my computer for quite some time now. I am totally hooked on Sudoku, and I know it's popular. I was still surprised by the multitude of Sudoku games available on the 'net, and also surprised at the small amount of free Sudoku downloads.

I tried some trial Sudoku software. One was called Good Old Sudoku, but that totally sucked. I need the 9 x 9 grid outlines, and that one didn't have it. I tried some others, too, but not one jazzed me enough to induce me to purchase it.

But I found one, and it is great! And it's FREE. Yes, free. Oh, you can purchase the deluxe version that has more options, but the free version is super nice. It's from Mochek Interactive, and it's called Pure Sudoku; you can download it here. Behind each puzzle, as a background, is a photograph, randomly selected. My first reaction was that the photo would be annoying... but then I played a few puzzles. The photos are beautiful and show scenes from all over the world. I highly recommend Pure Sudoku.

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