Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One acorn

Across the road from our high school building is a big corn field, and in it stands this tree. It's a big, branchy, beautiful old oak tree. I took that photo earlier this year, and I had in mind to take photos during each season... because wouldn't that make a pretty grouping?

I remember that tree in that field since so long ago, I don't remember how many years it's been... that tree has always been there. I graduated from that high school in 1978, and that tree was there. Along with the field, though not always corn.

Joycie saw my photos recently, and she knows the tree. She knew what tree that was as soon as she saw it... Sammy didn't, even though he's been at the high school building often for games, practices and other events. I suppose it's different when you actually go there, and maybe drive there. The high school parking lot has 2 entrances/exits, and when you leave using the one to the east, you have to stop practically directly across from that tree. So you naturally would notice it more, I suppose, than if you are, like Sammy, thinking about practice, not about driving.

Anyway, my plan for a pretty photo grouping is defunct... because, sadly, very sadly, the tree no longer changes with the seasons.

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