Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm asking you, the Internets...

A friend of mine told me via e-mail today that he and his daughter are going to visit Boston to look at universities there. During my e-mail back to him, I recalled a visit to Boston... Back in about 1998, give or take, Kev, Joycie & I were in Boston, and we visited the Museum of Fine Arts. One of my favorite museum visits ever.

While there, we stood in a long line to go through a room and view this special display. It doesn't appear on the MFA's web site listing of past exhibitions, so maybe it wasn't classified as an "exhibit" but... there was definitely a line.

The pieces were paintings on sheets of glass, and the glass was set with the edges facing outward, all in a row. Think dominoes. On one of the pieces of this artwork, when you looked at it one way, it was a scene of a school of fish, and if you looked at it from a different angle, it appeared as a reclining woman.

At least that is the best of my recollection. I would have liked to take a photo of it, but no photos were allowed back then... that was before the days of digital photography.

I remember clearly, though, how beautiful it was. I think there was more than one piece, but I remember the fish/woman. I wanted to look longer at it, but the line had to keep moving. Then I wanted to get back in line, but Kev and Joycie were not so inclined.

Off and on through the years, I've tried to search for it on the Internet, but no success.

Does anyone out there know what artwork &/or artist I've described? If you do, please comment.

It may have been 1997 or 1999, or heck, 1996 or 2000... I truly can't remember. I could try to find our photos from the trip, but I'm not sure what box to start looking in... ugh. So I called Joycie just now, and I asked her if she remembered what grade she was in when we visited Boston. She couldn't remember, and I don't think she remembers much about the MFA, either. I told my friend today that Joycie's favorite thing in Boston was the Finagle a Bagel just down the street from our hotel. She loved that place. She wants one here in Michigan. On the phone just now, when she told me she had no idea what grade she was in then, she said, "all I remember about Boston was the Finagle a Bagel." I knew that.

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