Monday, October 30, 2006

Visiting my niece

Where my niece, Michelle, goes to college isn't that far away from home, so since the kids didn't have school today, we made a quick road trip. I took most of the day off from work, and Joycie, Sam, my nephew, Michael (Michelle's brother) and I went up and visited Michelle this afternoon.

It was a beautiful afternoon, warm and sunny. Perfect weather for a walk around the campus. It's a pretty campus. Michelle showed us her dorm room (very nice, and she has a room all her own), the library, the recreation center... and of course, we hit the book store for some hoodies.

The campus grounds has statues all over the place. One of the founder, some unusual statues of unidentifiable origin, a big globe of metal that's really cool, lots of neat stuff. The buildings were also interesting, most of modern design. The walkways and the landscaping are beautiful. There is one statue that looks like it had seen better days, and it invited the kids to goof around.

I think it is a cement type material covering a wire frame... because the outside arms on the 2 figures on the outside of the group both are broken off...

Kind of sad, but it makes it interesting. We weren't sure if it was damage or an intended part of the statue.

It was nice to see where Michelle spends her days. We had a really fun afternoon together. Then we had a nice, relaxing dinner together before we dropped Michelle back off at her dorm and we headed on home.

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