Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lost weekend

So far, so sucky.

Sammy had a football game yesterday... in the rain... and both Kev and I missed it. Kev is on his day-12s weekend, and he couldn't get anyone to cover for him so that he could go to Sam's game. This is the first time he has missed one of Sam's football games since the boy started playing 4 years ago.

I'm at what is hopefully getting to the end of a bad cold. It was one of those colds you could feel coming on for days & days, and then when it finally hits, it hits Big Time. Mine hit about 1pm on Friday. I remember very little of yesterday. Ugh.

So Joycie drove Sammy to the high school and watched his game as the sole family cheering section. She and Sam both came home soaking wet & cold. I remember that because there was a brief spat over who got to shower first. Umm... duh. The boy, obviously... he was, in addition to soaking wet & cold, quite muddy. His team won, and Sam had some good moments. Wish I had been there.

And today is October 1st. I repeat, October 1st. That's a big day in our family because it's Opening Day of Bowhunting Season... Kev's passion. And he had to work. This is the first opening day that he's missed in so many years that I can't remember how far back. He should be out in the woods.

And all I can say to finish up this bummer of a post is thank God for coffee. Warm, wonderful coffee on my raw, aching throat.

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