Sunday, October 29, 2006

I blame it on the beer...

Some friends of ours built a house this summer and moved in not too long ago. They threw a party last night to celebrate, and I got to see their home. It is so lovely. Open and airy, and beautiful wood floors. The floor plan is ideal. Skylights and lots of windows. I'm sure in daylight hours, it's bright and cheerful.

The kitchen is part of the great room including dining and living room, kind of like our floor plan. Only theirs is all open. There is a very large island in the kitchen. Perfect arrangement for the party. All the food was on the island counter, and everyone was standing and sitting around together, yukking it up. Fun.

And all new appliances... *gasp*! Stainless steel and buttons and electronics and beautiful and so clean... Ahhh.... Tracey chose their washer and dryer, and it's that new Kenmore set that's blue... Sweet. I don't want a new house or anything, but I would love all new appliances! When I opened their oven to put the rumaki I made into it to heat it up, I was like, look, Kevin, look, this is what a clean oven looks like! My poor old oven is not so clean... but it's used almost daily. I really should clean it. Maybe next weekend.

Kev was more interested in the huge TV with surround sound, on which was playing, of course, some college football game. Did I say huge? It was enormous. I could practically see Kevin's wheels spinning in his head. I have two words for you, dear... college costs.

The party was fun - just adults, which doesn't happen all that often in this crowd. Lots of parents there of our 6th grade boys that play sports together. Nice to let loose a bit and talk & joke around without worrying about little ears and all that...

I wish we could have stayed longer, but Kev is working day-12s this weekend, so we were the first to leave at around 10:00 or 10:30pm. Our nephew, Michael, stayed with Sam for the evening, since Joyce was on an overnighter with some girlfriends. Sam's getting close to the age where he can stay alone, but we're not comfortable with that just yet. Anyway, I like for Sam to spend time with Michael.

Michael is a junior in high school, and he's tall (over six foot), handsome and so very, very smart. He's trustworthy and dependable, and an excellent role model for his younger cousin. Our family is certainly fortunate with our wonderful kids.

Even though we were home at a relatively early hour, we stayed up late watching TV... Kev finally began dozing off, so we hit the sack. Kev's alarm went off at 6:15am this morning... and I woke up again at about 6:40am & woke him up again, which caused a rush of action. Kev has to leave the house at about 6:45am to get to work on time. He got up and hurriedly dressed and went out to put more wood into our wood stove (by which we heat the whole house, so it had to be done), and I got his lunch together and poured coffee for him. With my admonitions to drive safe, and don't speed, or at least don't get a ticket, Kev zoomed down the drive close to 7:00am.

Then he called me when he got to the parking lot at his work. Last night was "fall back" and we missed it... So he actually got to work almost an hour early...

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