Saturday, October 21, 2006

Notice the time

Why am I up and posting so early?...

I have gotten into the habit of using my cell phone alarm each morning, instead of my old half-broken clock radio, and also instead of my brand new clock radio that I haven't taken out of the box yet (for the past 2 months)... My cell phone battery is croaking, so I have to charge my phone every night, and I've just been using its alarm function.

The downside is when I forget to disable the alarm for the weekend. I was up and in the shower before 6:00 am this morning before I realized it was Saturday. Ugh. So here I am, more than halfway through a pot of coffee and finally getting around to some blog posts that I haven't made time for lately. Most evenings, I'm just tired and have no inclination for getting on the computer at home because I am so swamped at work that after looking at a computer all day long, I've little desire to look more... Also, some of the things I'm dealing with at work right now are very difficult and frustrating. It's like trying to put together an extremely complex puzzle, all the while having a sneaking suspicion that someone has hidden the key pieces on you. Brain strain. So I give you my work-inspired haiku:

once trees living tall
now papers covered with words
all shouting me first

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