Thursday, October 26, 2006

Discombobulation and other messy matters

I feel like every conversation with my daughter lately is a discombobulated mess. Am I the yoyo or is she?... One minute she's nice and the next she's quite disrespectful and condescending. And, uh... just got interrupted for a conversation with Sammy and Kev... What the hell is in the air?... Simple conversations lately are turning into tense almost-arguments.

I'm really tired of the last-minute bullshit, too... I know that's something that every mother deals with on a regular basis, but this week I'm sick of it.

Joyce is trying to decide if she wants to go to some Halloween party this Saturday, which would mean she needs a costume. So she looked through the old dress-up trunk half-assedly. She was thinking maybe a pirate, and when she explained what she'd use for the costume, I just asked a simple question... "what about all that would make one think you were a pirate?" Discombobulation ensued. Well, excuse me. It was just a darn question. A valid question.

And p.s., our old steamer trunk filled with a wide assortment of stuff for a quality dress-up session stinks. By 'stinks' I mean it smells bad. Like an old, dusty attic. And smelly feet. So much of the stuff in there is too small for everyone now living in this house... Joycie & Sammy sure had fun with that stuff when they were little...

There's a black, very nice, very subtle pinstriped suit jacket in there (from when hSam was a headless man one Halloween... I bought it Salvation Army), and it fit Joyce very well. There's also this really old stuffed monkey with super long arms and legs that have velcro on the ends, so you can pose the monkey on yourself. I told Joycie she should wear the suit, maybe with the fish tie that's in there, and pose the monkey on her back and go as a business-man-cocaine-addict. She didn't get it. Discombobulation ensued.

So now Joyce is over at one of her aunt's houses seeing if they have any Halloween costumes on hand that'll fit her and of which she'll approve. I'm guessing she'll want to hit 'Halloween USA' tomorrow... and if you haven't been into one of those temporary seasonal stores, give it a whirl. What a great lot of crap they have. Sam & I went last Saturday and got his costume... a gorilla mask and hands, very life-like (and over $45! jeez). He's going to wear them with a tan leisure suit with brown stitching, circa 1973 or so... from the dress-up trunk. It's hilarious.

The problem with being young woman in high school & dressing up for Halloween is that you want to go as something nice... and for most girls that translates into sexy... think the Mean Girls movie. Blatant, revealing sexiness is not really Joycie's style (thank goodness). I would do the goofy hobo thing, which is also not Joycie's style... don't ask me, I don't know what her style is anymore...

I used to love Halloween. I've even decorated our half-bath near the kitchen in a sort of tribute to Halloween, with photos of the kids & nieces & nephews, etc. in their costumes through the years, pumpkin carving, trick or treating. This year, Halloween seems almost too much trouble. Too much money. Too much cause for words that start with 'dis'... dismay, disruption, disturbance, disrespect... Mostly, it's the tension everywhere that's sucking all the fun out of it. Methinks I need some distance. Or perhaps a distilled beverage. On the rocks. Just a splash of Coke please.

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