Thursday, October 05, 2006

Smart boy & other stuff

Yesterday was my Mom's 70th birthday, and though she's having some health problems lately, I sure hope I'm as strong and smart as she is when I'm 70... Yesterday was also my Mom & Dad's 54th wedding anniversary. They're my heroes.

Earlier this evening, I went to the Middle School with Sammy to cruise through parent teacher conferences. The format is very relaxed... basically the teachers are in their classrooms (or not), and you walk in and your child shows you the layout and explains the class & procedures and shows some of their homework, and you can talk with the teachers, sans privacy. Should you wish a private conversation, you can always set up a meeting, one doesn't need to wait for "parent teacher conference" night. I'm not really even sure why they call it a parent teacher conference. It's more of an open house. I like it. A lot. I find it much more informative to have Sammy show me around and explain what's what, without a time limit. I was able to talk with 2 of his 3 teachers, and they're both great. With the relaxed atmosphere, the conversations were easy and enjoyable. The other teacher had a commitment until 5:15pm, and I chose not to wait around... no biggie. I would have liked to have talked with him, too, of course, so I'll be sure to catch him next time.

Sam is enjoying 6th grade, and he really likes all his teachers and classes. He does well and works hard. We are so very proud of him. The mid-term reports I saw tonight were spectacular... some were even over 100% due to extra credit. My smart, wonderful boy.

Sam showed me the frog that his science (& social studies) teacher has in his classroom. It's the oddest looking frog, and it has a little stub-like tail thing going on... It's kinda prehistoric looking or something. I love it. And it just sat there in the bottom of the tank with wide open eyes looking at me like he was thinking, "if I were bigger and you were in this tank, I'd eat you"... or maybe we'd be friends. Strange little fat froggy. His name is Chubbs. Sam said he was part of a group of 4, but Chubbs ate 2 and 1 got out of the tank and died. Or did Chubbs chase him out?... Hmmmm...

One thing I love about Sammy now being in 6th grade is that I drive him to school each morning, dropping him off about 7:20am or so, before I head into work. I love our morning rides together. The sunrises this week have been so gorgeous. It's nice to have my boy with me to share them with. I like our talks, too. Though sometimes, neither of us really feel like talking. That works for us, too. I like our silences together, too.

Joycie went right after school to the boys' soccer game to get some photographs for the year book. Well, she took a little shopping trip with Allison first. I called her on her way home and asked her to pick up a loaf of bread. She was 1 mile past the last store... I was like, um, yeah, so... turn around. I told her it was good practice for being an adult. She said, "yeah, right, Mom, so my turning around and backtracking a mile to buy a loaf of bread is an adult thing to do." Yes, exactly! Welcome to adulthood, baby.

This week the trees have come into their autumn colors. The drive home is flaming with the same colors I saw in the sunrise this morning. I love this time of year. So does my hubby. Kev is out in the woods bowhunting tonight. Though, it's pretty much past dusk now and dark outside, so I hope he's heading in... Tonight was only the 2nd time he's been out, and usually by now, he would have been hunting just about each and every single day since Oct. 1st opening. He went out the other evening, but it was so dang hot outside, that it wasn't enjoyable. I'm glad tonight was nice and cool. Kev loves bowhunting, loves being out in the woods. And he works so hard, he deserves that time. I wish he could have more of it.

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