Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Janet & Bob!

Today is my sister & brother-in-law's wedding anniversary. Janet & Bob were married on this day 37 years ago... way back in 1971.

Happy anniversary, Janet & Bob!

I doubt they're reading my blog today though... because the 2 of them, along with their youngest daughter & her husband, Sara & Derek, left for Namibia this past Saturday. Bob & Derek are doing some hunting, while Janet & Sara are doing some photography.

They're going to a hunting ranch. The owner spends about half of each year in the States drumming up business, and then he spends the other half at his 1.5 million acre ranch in Namibia guiding hunts and running his business. What a life! There is usually an exotic game show that takes place in Mt. Pleasant every year, and this guy participated this year... so Janet and Bob not only got to meet him in person, but they invited him to their home for dinner, and then to stay overnight for the few days he was in town for the show. So now they have a friend in Namibia, and that will make their trip even better.

My family, we're not world travelers. The only borders we've crossed have been Canada and Mexico, and not all of us have done both. So when I say Janet, Bob, Sara & Derek left this past Saturday for Namibia, it sounds very strange on my tongue. I think it's very cool. (Me, I couldn't take the long flights, even sans the neck thing.)

I can't wait to see their photos and hear all about their trip to Africa!

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