Monday, July 07, 2008


One of Sammy's friends, Brandon, is over at our house kinda often, and Sammy is actually over at Brando's house right now. Sam stayed overnight there because he went home with Brandon when his folks picked him up here from staying overnight here Saturday night.

Sammy has some really great friends; they're great boys. We enjoy having them stay over, and when he's over at their houses, we don't worry one bit. All their folks are great, too. Of course, some of Sammy's friends are girls... there is a big group that always hangs out together, and Kev and I are very happy about it because they are all great kids. I hope this group sticks together all the way through high school.

Brando is a hoot and a half, and we always have a good time when he's here. He's one of those people that's comfortable anywhere, and he has a keen sense of humor. Here's some photos from April, when Brandon stayed over for a few days. He went with us to my sister, Janet's, for a family gathering, and then he and Sammy put dish soap on the trampoline and a sprinkler underneath it and had a good ol' time...

When Brandon's here, I can get Sammy to ham it up for the camera. I love that last shot of the 2 of them. Cracks me up every time I look at it.

Brandon's hair, when not wet, is blond, and it used to be really long. He has these wonderfully soft curls. But it was getting a little too long, and he looks good with his then-new hair cut. I finally found a photo of Brando with his long locks, taken back in November of last year at Sammy's birthday party...

He's a cutie pie. He calls me Madre a lot, and I call him Honey and Sweetie.

Every once in a while, Brando will send me a picture text on my phone, like, he sent me one the day he got his hair cut. He sent me this one the other day...

It's the Poptart Ninja. No reason; he just thought I'd like it. He was right, too.

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