Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I shake my fist at the universe & ask what the hell did I ever do to you...

But all I get is a distant echo of an evil chuckle...

Guess what I now have? Go ahead, guess.

Vertigo. Not caused by an inner ear infection, unfortunately... because I believe that would be the easiest to cure. Instead, mine is likely from a task I did at work in the office on Friday when I was up, down, up, down, up, down for about 20 to 30 minutes at the copy machine. Moved those little "crystals" around in my inner ear.

I saw my family doc yesterday morning, and he gave me 2 prescriptions, antivert and valium. I take a pill every 3 hours, alternating between the 2. And I sleep, and I sleep, and I sleep. Also, the dizziness is abating somewhat. For about 90% of people who have this type of vertigo (i.e., objective vertigo; not caused from an inner ear infection), it clears up in about 3 weeks or so. The other 10%, it never clears up.

There is a thing called the Epley Maneuver where a trained physical therapist moves your head around to "readjust" the crystals in the inner ear, but my family doctor wouldn't prescribe it due to my neck problems/recent surgeries. I see the neurosurgeon this coming Monday, and will ask him about it. For 70% of the people who have the Epley Maneuver, it clears up the vertigo the first time.

I can't drive, I can't walk a straight line, and I can't watch myself type this post... blech. I have a bunch of stuff to post about, and will try to do so soon... Meantime, fingers crossed. Again.

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