Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pain-free evening

Yesterday evening, Kevin, Joyce and I took a drive into Mt. Pleasant to celebrate something (see future blog post). Sammy was at a friend's overnight (such a social butterfly!).

Our destination: Applebee's. Purpose: The Perfect Margarita

Mission successful.

After 2 regular Perfect Margaritas (I can't type that without the capitalization; I've tried, I just can't...), I went for a 3rd and chose the Perfect Pomegranate Margarita. Superb. But, as I explained to the waitress, far too little in the container for $6.50 or so per drink. (Yes!) So she brought me a 4th at no charge. Sweet, wonderful young woman.

Kev did help drink some, by the way... I managed to remain quite upright. It was wonderful. We ordered some appetizers, and the 3 of us ate, drank and talked, and it was very nice. Big, fat onion rings with BBQ sauce for dipping... I would not have thought of BBQ sauce for them, but they were delicious.

Joyce drove us home, which is why Kev and I could cut loose.

And then she managed to get me to agree to a 3-year subscription to XM radio or something. For $350. That girl knows when to ask a question. And her timing was nearly impeccable...

She tracked me down out in the pole barn... where I had went to use our only functioning bathroom (and where Kev had found me... and that boy knows when to ask a question too!). Our toilets and faucets in the house are all on hold while the major dose of chlorine dumped into our well by the well guy yesterday does its thing. We can hopefully begin using them later today. We thought we had a Major Problem with our well &/or pump, and we kinda sorta did, but not with any mechanism. With ants. Yes, ants. They had invaded our well and were clogging it up. We have been drinking water which has passed through many ants. Our water was filled with anty-bodies. Gagging commenced.

I don't know what it is with ants this year, but they are EVERYWHERE. I don't mean there are a few more than usual, I mean the population of ants has EXPLODED. Our yard is full of them. Thankfully, they haven't invaded our actual house... yet... Kev is beginning the anti-ant campaign next week.

I'm not sure when I will next drink our water, but it won't be anytime real soon... *sigh* I write this post sans coffee, and that is a sad situation. I'm heading off to pottery, but I'm driving an extra 12 miles to get coffee first, gas prices be damned!


  1. A great post -- I love your attitude. " first, gas prices be damned!" I also enjoy/am slightly grossed out by the picture of your water being filtered through "anty-bodies." A sense of humor makes everything sooo much easier, doesn't it? For 20 years we lived on a 130 year old family farm -- who knows what OUR water in our old well was being filtered through!

  2. Humor does help... but I still can't drink our water just yet... I made coffee this morning using bottled water & an electric teapot... with some old "coffee singles" that I found in the pantry... how old are they? Who knows. By the taste of my coffee, I said circa 1994... blech! *sigh*
    Some things are just best left unanalyzed. Like a 130 year old well... but I guess I would trust that well over a brand new well. Tried & true vs. who knows what you're getting... !