Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coz I haven't done 'em in a while... bullet points!

  • I had to change my password at work. My previous password was “athome04” which I created earlier this year when I found out my medical leave was going to be extended, and “athome04” meant I’d be working “at home until early April.” After April passed by and I was still stuck at home, it just got too depressing to input that password all the time.

  • My cell phone ring tone song for when Kev calls me is “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.” It makes me happy. Like Kev does. (Most of the time anyway.)

  • For Joycie, I have a theme from the movie, “Braveheart,”... “A Gift of a Thistle,” which totally fits her... it’s beautiful and haunting in a way only Irish ballads can be. Like my beautiful, moody daughter.

  • For Sammy, I have the theme from the movie, “Caddyshack,”... “I’m Alright”... don’t nobody worry about me, and that’s my boy through and through!

  • Mike’s cell phone ring tone song for when Joycie calls him is “I Think I Love You.” Awww...

  • Posted on the inside door of each stall in the women’s bathroom at work is a sign that reads, “Please be sure to flush the toilet. Be considerate of others!” I don’t know what is worse, those signs or the fact that they have to be posted. Or the fact that some people still don’t pay attention to them.

  • A friend of mine here at work saw I was at my desk in my dinky little cubicle this morning and said, “Hi, Julie!” Only she didn’t say it, it was more like she hollered it out sharply... and it scared the livin’ piss outta me... so I jerked my head around, and... OWWWWW!!!!! She didn’t mean to startle me. But now my neck is hurting so badly that I just wanna lay my head on my desk and bawl. Seriously, I am writing this blog post only because I’m waiting a little bit for the Valium I had to ingest to take effect... and I don’t feel quite capable of concentrating right now. So I guess I will open my mail next. (Yuck.)

  • I used to use an old-fashioned letter opener to open my mail... but since I work in the area of payroll taxes (employer compliance), I get a lot of incoming mail. A veritable shitload, I tells ya. So a few years back, I had an epiphany and ordered those openers that have little razors in them so you can just zip, zip, zip open envelopes. Also, they are a beautiful shade of blue. I loves ‘em.

  • I just attended a department presentation. It included a congratulatory celebration for 3 people who led and finished some big projects. For each of the 3 people, someone presented for them by giving a short talk about the projects and the person. One woman talking used the word “project” about a kazillion and one times... which, of course, made sense, because it was about the person doing the project. But... instead of pronouncing it pruh-ject like usual (when it’s a noun), she pronounced it prō-ject, with a long o, like in oh, no!. She didn’t pronounce it prō-JECT like “you must project your voice out to the audience” (like when it’s a verb), she went with PRŌ-ject. Over and over and over and over and over... PRŌ-ject, PRŌ-ject, PRŌ-ject, PRŌ-ject. Little things like that make me forget to listen to what the person is saying, and instead, I start to wait for the next instance of PRŌ-ject. *sigh*

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