Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Escape

I'm not sure what the name of the department or group is where Joycie is working out in the plant; I think it's shipping & receiving of some kind. I know she is occasionally (or often?) around rail cars, warehouses, pallets, 55-gallon drums, semi-tanks and that type of stuff.

On one of her recent lunch breaks, she drew a picture in MS paint & e-mailed it to her Dad with a note that read, "I made this on my break, I thought that you would like it and maybe it would brighten up your day." I heard about it from Kevin, and I had him forward the e-mail to me... Joyce can't e-mail to anyone outside of the company, and she cannot access the Internet, either... which is pretty typical for SEEDs, and for co-op employees, too (also student employees). So last night when Kev was at a computer at work and logged on to his Outlook, I talked him through how to forward the e-mail to me.

Yes, that is the honest truth. He doesn't know how to forward an e-mail. The man doesn't even know our home e-mail address. Don't even get me started again on retrieving voice mail on his cell phone. It just will never happen. He fights every step of electronic progress tooth and nail. The day they manage to computerize any part of a chainsaw, for whatever reason they could possibly come up with, will be the day Kev will croak from absolute frustration. Do you hear me world? Don't mess with the almighty chainsaw. Some things are just too sacred to computerize.

So anyway, back to the topic at hand, and by the way, a bit of upfront info for you... the 55-gallon drums are often bright blue. I don't know if that's true everywhere or just in our chemical manufacturing facilities in our town.

Here is Joyce's artwork...

I love it that she used ellipses in it...

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