Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yada yada yada

It's either yada yada yada'ing for me or crying...

Joyce moved into her apartment this past Sunday, and the day went surprisingly very well. I only almost cried once, and that was much later that evening when only Kev and I were home.

The apartment is very nice. It's a 4-bedroom, and she has 3 roommates. Sunday evening, though, Joyce was the only one of the 4 girls staying at the apartment, so she invited her brother to stay with her. The 2 of them had a good time, ate popcorn, watched "Disturbia", slept in and then got groceries the next morning.

It is so hard for me to believe that this time has come to pass. My baby girl's gettin' all grown up.

Last night was Joycie's first night all alone there, and she didn't like it all that much. Two of the other girls (twins, actually), will begin living there this weekend, because they are both finishing up summer jobs this week. Classes start Monday the 27th, and the 4th roommate isn't moving in until the 26th or so.

Next week, the twins and Joycie will get their books and make their plans for classes, figure out how their respective routines will begin, and so on. Probably will include a lot of pizza ordering and Chinese take out.

Sammy and I are in town right now, and I'm typing this post using fast Internet at our local library. It's so nice. Joycie will love the wireless high speeds she'll have at the apartment. But I just signed up for DSL, which I hope will work and provide us with some higher speeds at home. Fingers crossed.

On our way to the library, Sammy and I passed an old guy on a Vespa (or equivalent), and he looked kinda funny... he was a pretty big guy to be on that little machine. Sammy said, "oh, mom, there ya go, there's a big hunk of sexy for ya." Funny boy.

Joyce has been making some great wisecracks lately, too. She and I saw this woman driving an expensive SUV, and Joyce said, "You know, it doesn't matter how rich you are, when you're smoking a cigarette, you look like trailer trash." She's right, too. Trailer trash in a Lexus SUV. Oh, yeah.

Sammy has football practice tonight, and so I am going to pottery sans Sammy. He's asked me to paint glaze on one of his little pots so it will get fired, so I guess I'll have to pretend to be Sammy for a little bit tonight. Though he is cutting into my studio time.

And since today is the first day in quite some time that I actually feel somewhat ok in the neck area, I am really, really looking forward to pottery. I woke up this something, and I instantly realized that Something Was Different. Every morning since that MRI, I wake up feeling like I have a bad hangover... like someone-please-stop-the-spinning-so-I-can-walk, pukey feeling. Except it wasn't there this morning. I don't know what shifted, but I am damn happy about it.

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