Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sammy at the wheel

My passion for making pottery at Space Studios is in permanent residence at the family homestead, and all who live with me know this to be truth.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Sammy has been taking some pottery sessions with me this summer. We made those critter shakers, and we also built some pots. Here are a couple that Sammy built, bisque fired and ready to be glazed:

The first one is called a "wad pot" because it is made by putting small wads (balls) of clay into a plaster bowl mold. The inside of the bowl is smoothed out, but the outside remains wad-like. Sammy decided to use a combo of red and white clay, and to make a lid for it. He chose a blue glaze called "moonlit sky" for it because that glaze looks so different on the red versus the white clay. Should turn out beautifully! The other pot is one he made by pressing clay into a plaster mold, and the lid is made the same way. The lid was thick, so for a handle, he and I together carved the handle out of the clay. There is a band of decoration carved around the middle of the outside of the bowl that is just like the decoration carved into the handle, and there is a similar decoration carved into the bottom of the bowl. The glaze Sammy chose for that pot is really cool, too. Will post photos after they're done.

Sammy enjoyed building those pots, but shortly after the 2nd one was done (they didn't take that long to make), he decided to try his hand at throwing a pot on the wheel. Karen, an instructor at Space Studios, taught him. His 2 small pots from that first session are also in the photo above.

And a passion was born.

My boy loves throwing pots on the wheel. He is doing so well at it, too. He's a natural. We went last night, and Sammy spent almost all his time working with Karen on the wheel.

Notice not only the huge smile Sammy has there for Karen, but also the streak of clay on his cheek. He's been initiated. And he's love, love, lovin' it. I thought it was fun doing pottery myself, but doing pottery while watching my son have such a good time was primo fun.

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